Free COVID-19 vaccine for all adults from today: All you need to know

New Delhi: From today onwards, all citizens above the age of 18 can get themselves vaccinated free of cost at government facilities.

On June 7, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the nation, said that the Union government would provide free COVID-19 vaccine to all Indian citizens above 18 years of age from June 21.

The PM had said that the Union government will procure 75 per cent of the total vaccine production from vaccine manufacturers and give it free to the state governments.

All citizens entitled to free vaccination

As per the new guidelines, all vaccine doses will be allocated to the states and union territories based on their population, number of COVID-19 cases and progress made in vaccination.

Vaccine manufacturers would have to declare the price of all doses for private hospitals as well.

All citizens are entitled to free vaccination, and people who can pay are encouraged to get themselves vaccinated at private hospital’s vaccination centres.

All government and private vaccination centres would also provide onsite registration facility.

The Centre also capped charges of vaccines in private hospitals. The maximum price that can be charged per dose by private vaccine centres is Rs 780 for Covishield, Rs 1,410 for Covaxin and Rs 1,145 for Sputnik V.

Supreme Court termed vaccination policy ‘arbitrary and irrational’

The PM said that the system of 25 per cent of vaccines being procured directly by the private hospitals would continue.

This announcement from the PM came after Supreme Court slammed the vaccination drive for the 18-44 age group calling it “arbitrary and irrational”.

The apex court further asked the Centre why budgetary allocation of Rs 35,000 crore for vaccine procurement could not be used to inoculate this group completely free of cost.

Many Chief Ministers had also urged the Centre to procure vaccines and supply to them due to procurement issues they faced.

The earlier policy allowed states and private hospitals to buy vaccines directly from manufacturers and administer doses to those aged between 18 and 44 years at a cost.